Taste of My Town: GROW diner

Taste of my Town-Grow: A Saugatuck Diner

SAUGATUCK, MICH. - Real food with no pretention, that's what the owners of GROW in downtown Saugatuck are serving up with a smile.

GROW opened in spring 2016 and the husband and wife team are quickly making a name for themselves among visitors and locals alike.

With a name like GROW, you know the flavors are going to be fresh.

"We pride ourselves on scratch ingredients so everything is made from scratch right down to the ketchup," explained owner Alec Payleitner. "All our sauce is made from scratch, all our meats are braised, all our pickles are made from scratch.

"It's real food and that is really what we pride ourselves on."

Alec and Lindsey bring nearly four decades of Chicago-area restaurant experience to this little lakeshore town, and they couldn't be happier about the life change. "Southwest Michigan is very special to us," he explained. "We just moved here in October, my wife Lindsey is the chef. And we decided on Saugatuck, not even for this restaurant, but we decided on Saugatuck because we wanted to be here."

The restaurant's look is minimalist so the food can really shine.

"Part of the idea is that the food is part of the decoration as well. We take great pride in what the food looks like on the plate. Even if it is something as simple as a Belgian waffle, that needs to be beautiful because honestly it makes it taste better. Real food, proper food, but no pretention."

They call themselves a diner, but the menu is much more interesting an adventurous than most.

"We liked it very much. We like the concept here of locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Fantastic," said a guest.

"That's the kind of food we want to serve is joyful food, that's the kind of service we want to provide is joyful service," said Alec. "Because when you come and you hang out with us and you spend your money with us, that's the service, you are buying joy."

Alec and Lindsey say locals have been so supportive of the restaurant that they decided to stay open year round.

Their typical hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch all day. Click here to learn more about their food philosophy.

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