Box Office Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy & Life, Itself

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No new movies at the box office this weekend, so we're taking the opportunity to look back at some of our favorite movies of the year.

Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in "Edge of Tomorrow." Cruise plays a military officer forced to relive the same day - and the same battle - over and over again against a seemingly unbeatable alien army. It's kind of like Groundhog Day meets Independence Day - only with Tom Cruise, who is still really a phenomenal action star - probably one of the best out there today. I liked pretty much everything about this movie - great action, smart dialogue, and a really entertaining storyline tying it all together.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Next up, it was the biggest movie of the summer - and definitely one of our favorites - Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt stars as an American pilot who becomes the leader of a misfit group of heroes who have to defend the galaxy. Think of this as kind of Avengers in space ... only instead of Thor and the Hulk, it's a green-painted Zoe Saldana and a gun-toting, talking raccoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper. So funny, so good - and it's got a really great soundtrack to it as well.


Next .. one of the most under-rated and best movies of the year .. Snowpiercer stars a not-Captain-America chris evans in the future ... where a failed global warming experience kills all life on earth ... except for a lucky few who've boarded a train called ... you guessed it .. Snowpiercer. LOTS of great action in this one - especially if you're looking for an action movie that's not as predictable as some of the other big action movies out this summer. It's a little weird seeing Chris Evans in a non-Captain America role, but it is worth it - he's really great in this kind of movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Life, Itself

And finally, "Life Itself" is the story of legendary movie critic Roger Ebert - and it's produced by martin Scorcese. Ebert was really the first to take the "stuffy" out of the "stuffy film critic" genre ... this Critics Choice and Golden Globe nominated documentary recounts his start in the business, his true life long love of movies, his cancer struggle, his legacy .. and so much more. And this isn't just for die hard movie lovers ... it's truly an amazing story - you learn so much more about Roger Ebert ... it's absolutely worth checking out. One of my favorite documentaries of the year so far.


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