GVSU Visiting Professor Shares Her Art

Grand Rapids, Michigan — Grand Valley State University's Visiting Assisting Professor of Art Susan Klein has contracted by the New York based art startup, The Road Gallery in January of 2014, thus joining its roster of emerging artists primarily from the New York area.

The opportunity to expand into Grand Rapids came to be when The Road Gallery's founder and curator Neil Jacobs began to inquire with artists Tommy Allen and Michael Pfleghaar of A+P Studio at Tanglefoot (aka Tanglefoot Studio to West Michigan art buyers) about locally showcasing her art work in a warehouse-like space before Klein's departure back to the east coast after her contract at GVSU has ended.

Jacobs views the pairing of Klein's work within a studio work space committed to the creative exploration a fitting match to his business model of offering an art-for-all experience based environment. This means he is committed to the gallery's online platform he launched in 2014 but is also looking at non-traditional spaces, like the brick and mortar warehouse or off-the-beaten-path spaces, because they offer something fresh for the public who are demanding something beyond the traditional art buying experiences of the past.

Key Points:

- Klein is one of Jacobs' first pop-up art experiences in a space outside of New York and the first partnership of the local A+P Studio with a New York art gallery. Provides a direct link of Grand Rapids to New York (and back.)

- This is Klein's first major exhibition of her works on canvas, board and paper and offers the public a chance to view this survey of her art before she leaves the West Michigan region.

- Klien not only has been a part of our region for the last three years reflecting our culture within her work, but her influence has had a positive influence on the college's art program according to the artist's colleagues.

- The term "emerging artist" is a common phrase in the art world most used to describe those artists whose career is starting to track upward. It is at this stage a lot of art collectors begin to notice those artists whose career is showing a commitment to their field of study. It is where new trends often begin to solidify or take form.

"We often talk a lot about the 'brain drain' in our region but I do not hold to this limited view of our region's criteria for success," says Allen about the departure of Klein this May, "In fact I would say it is good for the area to have people come and go because the connections we form while they are hear are extremely valuable in opening up new channels of opportunities for the artists of our region."

Klein graduated summa cum laude from her Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Oregon in 2004 and magna cum laude from her BFA at the University of New Hampshire in 2001. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, as far and wide as Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Vallauris, France and Seoul, South Korea. Klein has won a plethora of awards, grants and scholarships during her 12-year career. (Her c.v. can be viewed here: http://susankleinart.com/resume )

In addition to her history in the arts, Klein recently learned of her acceptance into the Arteles Creative Residency Program in Finland and will be part of a new show in New York City

"Our city is often a buzz with stories from visitors who reveal how surprised they are at what we have to offer those seeking an arts experience via an event like Art.Downtown, Festival for the Arts, or ArtPrize," says Allen, "But that is only part of the equation of building those bridges to other cities. We need those folks who circulate out of the area after working here to be those ambassadors of what can be put into 'beta' here."

Grand Rapids provides an environment for something to flourish. It's seen within our history of the home and office furniture movement to its newly minted medical corridors where science rules these newly built structures. But within the area of art, we also have a natural system of opportunities to create and celebrate those who will move on to bigger markets but made a body of work while among us. Art is a recorder of our times but Susan Klein's exhibition will only be up for viewing on April 19, 2014 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

New Addition: Local StartGarden Project

Klein's show will also feature another exciting local startup, ArtLustr - a StartGarden funded and GR Current led new platform for the arts. ArtLustr is a way for people who cannot be at an opening to secure a work of art. ArtLustr is in beta format and only will be offering Klein's drawings on its site.

Klein's paintings will only be available locally via the one-day event at A+P Studio at Tanglefoot and The Road Gallery website.

A+P Studio at Tanglefoot is located at 314 Straight SW, Grand Rapids 49504

Easy Links for A+P Studio at Tanglefoot:

Facebook Studio Page: https://www.facebook.com/AllenPfleghaarStudio

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/604813639597032/

Event Bright Page: http://susanklein.eventbrite.com

The Road Gallery: http://theroadgallery.com/

ArtLustr: https://artlustr.com/home

Courtesy: Tommy Allen


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