Meaningful Custom Artwork

Why decorate your home with generic artwork? Interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from H-D-D Studios is here to show us some inexpensive ways to personalize your space.

Meaningful Custom Artwork


If you're staring at bare walls in your home but don't want to fill them with mass-produced artwork, professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios has some great ideas to help you personalize your space.


When it comes to artwork, you aren't limited by what's available on store shelves.  A little creativity can save you tons of money and give you a personalized look that standard decor can't ever give you.

The first priority is asking yourself about the trifecta.  These three questions from the book Remodeling Your House without Killing Your Spouse (available here ) will guide you in your quest for meaningful decor: 

1. who you are

2. where you come from

3. what you believe in


Vacation photos are a great way to create memorable decor.  Enlarging vacation pictures you captured on your cell phone can be done quickly and inexpensively at a drug store kiosk.  Consider using photos that remind you not of what you looked like on vacation, but instead how you felt.  Those pictures will have a calming effect as you recall what the beach felt like and how the waves sounded while looking at them. 


Memorabilia can be a great way to create personalized art as well.  Remember the cool postcards you purchased during vacation?  Those can be enlarged easily at a copy store and professionally framed.  Look for postcards that match the color scheme and decor of your space for the best results.


Vacation shopping and dining adventures are the last category of artwork that can be personalized.  Many boutique stores have hand-made gift bags that can be cut down and contained in a standard size frame.  Bedrooms and dressing rooms are an appropriate place to feature vacation shopping bags.  Dining and drinking adventures can be a fun art path too!  Ask your server if you can take a menu home to commemorate the experience.  The Michigan beer map ( see link here: ) was created one six pack at a time during various trips around the Mitten.


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