Grant Me Hope: Parris

There are many older kids across our state in need of forever homes. So each week, our Grant Me Hope partnership with the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange features one child up for adoption. Today, we want you to meet Parris.

WEST MICHIGAN - Parris seems destined for a visit to her namesake City of Love. She loves fashion and wants to become a fashion designer when she gets older.

If Parris could visit anywhere in the world, guess where she wants to go? Yup. Now guess why? Indeed, she wants to go to Paris to shop, and if Parris can’t travel overseas, she’ll settle for shopping in New York City.

On the weekends, this 11 year old loves spending her free time shopping, something she hopes to share with a future forever family. If she had three wishes, one would go towards a shopping spree. As for the other two wishes, they both involve settling in with a family, which proves Parris has her feet planted firmly on the ground.

This sweet and friendly girl loves activities such as walking, dancing (Zumba) and playing soccer and volleyball. Her other joys include doing arts and crafts, playing with Barbies and helping around the house.

Parris takes pride in her schoolwork as well, especially at her old school where she received superior grades on more than a half-dozen tests. With her forever family, Parris wants to spend time together watching movies and celebrating the holidays.

Oh, and going shopping.

In her current placement, Parris is making friends and learning to ignore the difficult behaviors of others. She receives assistance to help her process her past trauma and improve her coping skills. In school, Parris receives assistance to benefit her success. She also is working on improving her behavior at school.

Parris would do best in a single-female-parent or two-parent household in which she is the only or youngest child. However, a single-female parent would require a strong support network because of the one-on-one attention that Parris needs to thrive. Parris also would benefit from a positive male role model in a home with a mom and dad.

Her family must be patient and able to supervise Parris when she interacts with other children. The family must be strong advocates for the services that will benefit her success. Lastly, prospective adoptive families should keep in mind that if they have pets, Parris will need to be supervised when interacting with them until Parris is comfortable in the home.

For more information: 800-589-MARE (6273) or visit:

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