Grant Me Hope: Darnell

Grant Me Hope: Darnell

Darnell is a caring 13 year old who loves to play with his neighbors and siblings. His foster mother wants adoptive families to know that Darnell is very nurturing and cares deeply for his siblings.

Darnell also enjoys singing and music and shared that he loves when he and his foster mom sing along with the radio. Darnell's foster mom shared that he is warm and inviting, and tries to make everyone feel comfortable.

Darnell is energetic and enjoys being outside, especially riding his scooter and Power Wheels car. He plays the drums, and his favorite class at school is gym.

Darnell is very spiritual and enjoys attending church on Sundays.

When he grows up, Darnell wants to become a police officer. He shared that his favorite foods are pizza, bacon and fruit and his favorite ice cream flavor is Superman. If he could go anywhere on Earth, he would like to go to Dave & Buster’s with his siblings and added, “It’s the most fun place I've ever been!”

Darnell has struggled with his emotions and behavior in the past but is working hard to learn new coping skills to help him successfully interact with his environment. He can have difficulty effectively communicating with others, which contributes to his daily frustrations. Darnell benefits from extra assistance as he can struggle with the day-to-day routine of his classes. He does best when he is allowed some quiet time to calm himself when he becomes upset at school. Darnell did note that he enjoys the social aspects of school.

Darnell reported that he would like to have a forever family who likes to go to the movies, play games and go out to eat. Darnell will need a family who will maintain his relationships with his siblings in the future due to their strong bond. Darnell will benefit from an experienced family who understands his unique needs.

Darnell receives additional services at school, and currently attends school part time. Darnell will need a family that is committed to maintaining his support services and seeking out additional services as he grows and develops. Darnell needs a family who, through love and patience, will mirror the care that Darnell displays for the people in his life.

For more information, call 800-589-MARE (6273) or visit:

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