Ice guru Randy Finch's ArtPrize Eight entry

Randy Finch's ArtPrize Pumpkins

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - Ice Guru Randy Finch is unveiling his ArtPrize exhibit, and it involved some familiar local faces, carved into the sides of pumpkins.

It's called the "LAWN CHAIR / pumpkin face riser and Bio-Mechanical Evolution."

It's located at Peaches Bed & Breakfast at 29 Gay SE.

"This exploration of life's evolution has included the concept of sentient machines evolving into self aware artificial intelligence. Shifting technology's role from servant to ruler and aligning with nature in its own noosphere to insure survival.

What if biological creatures have actually evolved from an earlier existence of a mechanical life form that created us? Are advancements in technology bringing us closer to complete the circle of life? Were machines concerned that someday mankind would end cyber life on Earth? Biological evolution could never compete with the speed at which technology is morphing.

Nature itself is a well oiled machine."

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