Caring For Special Needs Pets

Victoria Swanson of Good Little Dog share tips on caring for special needs pets.

Recently, I have written blogs on pets that were rescued (Rosie, The Resilient Spirit of One Little Dog, The Story of Dunkin - Is There Ever A Happy Ending?) from horrific conditions that were either born with a medical condition, disability, or have been so severely neglected that they developed health issues. Each individual that has saved a special needs animal has gone above and beyond being their caretaker.

During my research, I also came across many negative comments from people questioning why these caretakers are even bothering. Some of these comments are vicious attacks that are cruel, degrading, and even border on bullying.

Why is it that we feel the need to discard a pet that is otherwise not "normal?" Who are "we" to determine what type of quality of life is worthy of saving? If someone takes on a Special Needs Animal, why are they asking for money?

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Victoria is a blogger for Smart Living Network, and is the owner of Good Little Dog. If you are interested in the pet(s) on today's segment, please visit Humane Society of West Michigan at for more information!


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