New Care Technologies for Seniors

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New Care Technologies Available to Assist Seniors whether at home or in a community:

-Wireless nurse call system. Similar to the Life Alert Pendants available for home use. Pendants and pull cords that transmit communications to a handheld device which is called a Point of Care Solution (POCS). Our residents care plans are also stored electronically and accessed on the POCS. It is a great tool to capture in real-time actions of our care staff with our residents.

-Quiet Care: uses unobtrusive wireless motion sensors to monitor resident activity. The software learns the normal activity patterns of the resident and can detect changes that may indicate an emerging health problem. For example, frequent trips to the bathroom may indicate the need for a lab test for a urinary tract infection – which could prevent a trip to the hospital.

-It's Never Too Late technology: Engagement software. Wonderful tool to meet the residents where they are with their memories. Pilots who flew in the war, can fly those same planes. Incredible tool. We can hook up the foot pedals and residents can bike their old neighborhoods or do a little sight-seeing in a new country. It has a touch screen that simulates water rippling in the ocean when a resident runs her fingers across it.

-Radio Frequency Identification: Wristbands that are individually programmed to unlock doors. Instead of fumbling with keys – which is troublesome with arthritic fingers – residents place the wristband in front of the lock. While this is helpful in Assisted Living, on our Memory Care floor we can restrict access to elevator banks and stairwells that aren't safe for some residents.

-HUR Strength Training Equipment: Close to zero starting resistance. Residents can get the range of motion and we can increase the amount in ounces – not pounds. When residents get stronger, they reduce the risk for falls and gain more independence and freedom. It's a win-win.

Opening this week. Move-in specials available. Details can be found on our website at


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