Palmetto State Quartet

Palmetto State Quartet

Fri, Oct 26, 2012

Hart Middle School, Hart, MI

DoorsOpen: 6pm

Show: 7pm

Jeremy Easley
With a grand-father who was and still is a minister and a mother and father who have a long history in music evangelism, Jeremy is no stranger to gospel music. Through the years, secular music has noticed this talented singer. Most recently, Jeremy stood out when he appeared on Simon Cowell's new Fox television series, The X-Factor. As a singer, one of the most intimidating audiences would be the impressive X-Factor judge's panel including industry greats Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid. However when Jeremy finished singing, the entire panel was on their feet along with thousands of fellow contestants. Out of tens of thousands of male vocalists, Jeremy remained there as one of the top 50 in the United States. When it comes to vocal ability, he is in a league all his own and when it comes to a heart for God and love for people, there are none finer. Jeremy and his wife Deidra live in Memphis, TN.

Larry Strickland
Larry is originally from Raleigh, NC but his musical journey has taken him around the world on some of the largest venues in music. In the 1970's, Larry had the opportunity to join J.D. Sumner and The Stamps. The group was legendary in gospel music, but perhaps best known as the official back up group for the greatest entertainer of all time, Elvis Presley. Larry's first date with the Stamps was on stage with the King of Rock and Roll. If you were on stage with Elvis, you were and still are part of an elite group of singers and musicians that changed music and our culture like no one has since. Larry was on stage with Elvis up until Presley's untimely death in 1977. After his run with the Stamps, Larry left the road to help manage his wife's career. Naomi and daughter Wynonna (The Judds) had one of the most successful careers in country music. Larry has made several appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Network as part of the television show, The Judds. Today, Larry has returned to the music and message that he loves so much. As the owner / manager of Palmetto State, he has successfully assembled one of the premier vocal groups in all of gospel music. Larry and his wife Naomi reside just south of Nashville, TN.

Mike Allen
When Bill Gaither wants to put together a great television show or tour, he calls the best to come and sing. Through the years, many great voices have been a part of the Gaither concert and television series. Most stay a few years and eventually are replaced by another round of singers. One person has been a part of those productions for 20 years. His name is Mike Allen. Many would call him a great bass singer and he is that. However, Mike is just a great singer who happens to sing low. Mike has had offers to join some of gospel music's finest groups but in recent years he has not taken any of those jobs until now. His face has been seen and his voice has been heard by millions of people on the Homecoming DVD and television series. Mike is officially one of the stellar voices that make up the impressive line-up of singers that make up Palmetto State.

David Staton
There are not many groups in southern gospel music who have not recorded a song penned by David Staton, however his music has crossed musical genre. He has had songs recorded in Pop, R&B, Country, Bluegrass and black Gospel. He has had number one songs in gospel music including "In His Will There Is A Way" recorded by Jeff & Sheri Easter held the number one chart position. In recent years his song, "Every Knee Shall Bow" recorded by Dottie Peoples and Gary Oliver was nominated for a Grammy Award. Staton is not only a recognized songwriter, he is considered to be one of the finest vocalists and communicators in our field as well as a leading record producer and industry leader. Staton's name has been attached to award winning projects and many successful careers in gospel music. David and his wife T'Juana and daughters, Grace and Katherine reside just outside of Nashville, TN.

Paul Lancaster
Paul is an incredibly gifted singer. He was the soulful voice that was a distinct part of the success of vocal groups like The Mullins and The Martins where he won Dove Awards for his work. Prior to joining Palmetto State he was probably the first call that groups made when they needed an outstanding vocalist to temporarily fill in during a transition. If you have followed gospel music for very long at all, you know who Paul Lancaster is and you also know that when it comes to singing, Paul is a fan favorite. Paul, his wife Michelle and sons Alexander, Ethan and Jackson live in southwestern Ohio.

Casey Martin
Casey plays keyboards for PSQ and brings a soulful, black gospel feel to the group's sound. He began his professional career playing for Karen Wheaton. Since then, his unique style of playing has accompanied well known singers in secular music such as Wynonna as well gospel music's male vocalist of the year, Ivan Parker. Casey is an important element to PSQ's presentation. Besides his musical talent, Casey shares a compelling testimony of how God's unconditional love continues to shape his life through unbelievable circumstances. The dramatic events throughout his life has only deepened his faith and trust in the God that loves us so much.


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