TV TUESDAY: 24 returns, Walking Dead news, and MORE Sopranos from David Chase?

Welcome to TV Tuesday!

First ... while fans are steel trying to absorb last week's visit from Doctor Burke (AKA Isaiah Washington) to help wrap up Sandra Oh's departure – there is some good news about members of the "Grey's Anatomy" cast that will be sticking around a few more seasons.

Sara Ramirez, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. all just signed contracts for the next two seasons of the long running ABC show. Back in January, on-screen married duo Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey led the contract renewal charge, scoring two-year deals of their own. Only five of the original cast members remain since the hit show started its first season.

Next … our Producer Denise is still shaking with the sheer joy of last night's premiere of "24: Live Another Day". Yes folks .. Jack Bauer is back. Only for a 12 episode arc – but, hey, that's good enough for us, so you better savor every second of these 12 episodes. The first version of the series "24" premiered way back on November 6th of 2001. It was actually supposed to premiere in September of 2001, but after the events of 9/11, pushed the premiere back a few months. It ran for 8 seasons, won two Golden Globes and eight Emmys - one for every single season.

Conan O'Brien is hoping to help launch some NEW comedic talent. His "TEAM COCO" is launching it's own comedy record label this summer. O'Brien says he got the idea from the large number of comedians on "his" shows over the years. The idea is to help shine a spotlight on rising comedians while allowing them more creative control and a greater stake in the success of the their comedy album releases.

OK …big deep breath here. Remember that one time we wished the Sopranos DIDN'T have to end? It's been seven years and we still haven't forgiven "The Sopranos" for leaving us. Really, let's be honest, more for the WAY they left us. The show's final episode had an ending that split its fans -- you either loved it or you really, really hated it ... there was no in between for most of us. After all these years, creator David Chase says maybe – just maybe - he's not done with the Mafia world just yet. Chase says he's been pondering a Sopranos .. prequel. He says someone gave him a book about gangsters in the 1920's .. and he thought there is STILL a story to be told there. Maybe a prequel that features Tony Soprano's father and HIS entrance into Mob life? So many options here … PLEASE David Chase .. PLEASE. He says he does still "flirt" with the idea of more Sopranos.

Another piece of happiness … the zombies are back! The new season of "The Walking Dead" just started production down in Georgia YESTERDAY.

And one other note, Netflix's hit series "Orange Is The New Black" season 2 kicks off June 6th …. Just announced yesterday – season 3 was just ordered!! Woo-hoo! Star Laura Prepon tweeted and instagrammed this awesome photo of Lego OITNB cast members .. LOVE it!


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