Webb's TV Tuesday: Walking Dead Finale, Mad Men & Game of Thrones Premieres, ABC's "Resurrection"...

TV Tuesday: First .. We said two goodbyes this week! Last night on CBS - the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother". After 208 episodes ... a jillion "legendarys" from Neal Patrick Harris (and no shortage of pumpkin incidents) the show came to an end last night after 9 years .. and 10 Primetime Emmy Awards. Now .. with all the audience laughing - you'd THINK there has been a live audience all this time? Nope. Because of quick-cut camera shots and the way that the show is shot, they would film it with NO audience, then play it back later to a live audience and record the laugh tracks. Another weird, yet true, thing about this show: every single year since 2006 - the show has won a Primetime Emmy for "Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-camera Series". OK then.

Next ... we said goodbye to "The Walking Dead" Sunday night. For at least 199 days (from Sunday) - until the new season starts. There are actually countdown websites that already kicked off.

I won't give anything away ... but I will say the show ended with Rick back in better form ... and most of the group trapped in Terminus. According to creator Robert Kirkman, the new character "Gareth" we just met in Sunday night's finale will be a very important one. Kirkman also told Entertainment Weekly that they wanted to leave this season with a little more of a "punch" than they had in the past. Definitely a "cliffhanger" ... no, wait, a "neck-biter" of an episode. You know what I'm talking about.

Now .. if you're going to go through "Walking Dead" withdrawals on Sunday nights like I am ... I happen to have JUST the thing. Get hooked on ABC's latest "Resurrection". The series just started back on March 9th .. so you only have four episodes to get caught up on. You can find them at ABC.com, On Demand, and on Hulu. There are no zombies, but there "are" random (or are they REALLY random?!) people mysteriously coming back to life in the small town of Arcadia. I am loving this show ... each week it gets better ... no cheesy twists (thank you ABC!) ... and some very intriguing plot lines.

Speaking of Sunday nights: it's about to get crowded! HBO's super-crazy-violent-weird-yet-addicting hit, "Game of Thrones", makes it's fourth season premiere this Sunday night. REVENGE is going to be the key word to this season ... lots of revenge on everyone: revenge from the red wedding massacre and revenge from a forced marriage. Let's be honest ... what we're REALLY hoping is that at some point that nasty little King Geoffrey finally gets whats coming to him! With a show as dark and evil as thing one can be ... you know some weird/crazy stuff happens on set. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emilia Clark (Khaleesi/ Daenerys Targaryen) said she was doused in so much fake blood for a scene.... she got stuck to a toilet seat during break. Awkward.

Speaking of crowded Sundays, the week after next, one of AMC's hits returns ... Mad Men. Finally - this show takes the most ridiculously long "hiatuses" ....ever. It's crazy! The last season ended with Don Draper thinking about moving to LA ... then gave the opportunity to someone else. But ... have you seen the ambiguous trailers?? I'm thinking they made head there now? If you love the show ... cherish this season like a beloved child - because it is Mad Men's last season ... the show is ending ... and part two of the season won't air until "next" spring.

For your viewing pleasure:

Game of Thrones, Season 4 Premiere: Sunday, April 6 - HBO


Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere (first half!): Sunday, April 12, AMC:


Resurrection, ABC, Sunday nights at 9pm:



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