Spooky, Halloween Treats with Chef Char

creepy cheese ball





Creepy Cheeseball Platter


One Halloween mask
6 oz. sliced prosciutto
3 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese, softened
6 oz. shredded cheddar
6 oz. shredded Havarti
½ cup green olives, diced
¼ cup roasted red pepper, chopped
2 Tbls. green chilis, drained
1 tsp. granulated garlic
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash the mask and line with plastic wrap.  Rip prosciutto into strips and place the meat over the plastic wrap in the mask.  Place mask lined with plastic and prosciutto into freezer.  In an electric mixer, add cream cheese, shredded cheeses, olives, roasted red pepper, green chilis and garlic.  Remove mask from freezer and place cheese mixture inside the prosciutto-lined mask.  Press cream cheese mixture down into mask and then place in refrigerator until firm.  Onto a serving platter, flip mask, remove plastic wrap and decorate.  Serve with pretzels, crackers, or corn chips.

Bloodshot Deviled Eggs


One dozen boiled eggs
Red food coloring
Blue food coloring
Black olives
Plain gelatin


Crack boiled eggs with a spoon or by rolling on counter.  Do not peel off shell at this time.  Place cracked eggs in a shallow bowl and place several drops of red food coloring over cracked shells.  Allow to set for two minutes.  Rinse eggs and peel.  Eggs should look like bloodshot eyes.  Cut egg in half lengthwise.  Using a piping tip, remove a circle off the center of the egg (the iris).  Remove the circle created by the tip from the egg and color with blue (or whatever color you want) food coloring.  Flipping the tip around and using the small side of the piping tip, remove what would be the “pupil” from the iris.  Cut the same size piece off a black olive for the pupil.  Place olive in center of colored iris and place back onto the “bloodshot” egg halves.  Coat with unflavored gelatin and allow to set before serving.  Eyes can be used in the creepy cheeseball platter.

You can learn more about Chef Char Morse on her blog at chefcharmorse.com 

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