Greenthumb - Prune those tomatoes

(WZZM) - GreenthumbRick Vuystsays is important to prune your tomatoes, otherwise the plant will focus too much energy and nutrients into the foliage.

We don't want that, you want it to focus on the bloom or the tomato itself.

This is especially important for an indeterminate tomato plant that will grow and grow until you trim it up. Rick says you want to prune the branches on the interior of the plant. He calls them "suckers" because they can suck away the nutrients.

This will also enhance the light and air penetration throughout the entire plant. Rick also recommends you prune any branches that are touching the ground, because they will make your plant more susceptible to disease.

Rick says it's also important to feed your tomato plants with Tomato-Tone for micro-nutrients.

Watch the attached video for more details.


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