13 Friends for Life: Diet & Cancer Risk

Mindless eating can play a factor in overweight and obesity, thus increasing one's risk for cancer.

A normal Body Mass Index is between 18.5–24.9 [measured by diving your weight (kg)/Height (m2)]. The goal is to maintain a weight through healthy diet and exercise.

Habits of a mindless eating:

Larger plates = larger meals (we tend to fill the plate we have)

Eating family style (we're more likely to take second helpings when dishes are in front of us)

Visual cues

Low fat/fat free foods

Eating while standing and with other people

Emotional eating

Healthy habits for mindful eating include:

Paying attention to what we are eating, and eating with awareness.

Being aware of each sensation of the eating experience.

Acknowledge chewing, tasting and swallowing food moment by moment.

Use smaller plates

Take smaller bites

Know the difference between hunger and cravings:

Hunger – physical signs and the desire to eat does not go away; even a non-favorite food even sounds good

Craving – no physical hunger pains; the thought of eating goes away when distracted; you feel "emotional" about eating that food; you want something specific: crunchy, sweet, salty etc.

Courtesy: Amy Bragagnini, MS, RDN, CSO, Mercy Health Lacks Cancer Center


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