Sculpting summer shoulders

(KELSEY TUREK) -- It may still feel like March outside, but the summer months are only a few weeks away. (At least we hope!) Here's a great routine that you can do sitting or standing to shape your shoulders and upper back.

· Front raises + lateral raises: Hold a weight in each hand, palms facing thighs. Raise the weights straight up in front of shoulders—stop at shoulder height. Lower the weights then raise them up and out to the sides, straight out from the shoulders and stop at shoulder height. Continue alternating front and lateral raises until you complete a total of 5 of each. Work your way up to 15 of each.

· Shoulder presses: Hold a weight in each hand around ear height with elbows down, palms facing out. Press the weights up and overhead and together. Return them to start and continue until you do at least 8 reps. Work your way up to 15 reps.

· Hinged-over reverse flyes: Hold a weight in each hand and hinge over at the waist, palms facing each other, arms straight, but elbows slightly bent. Open the arms like you're spreading them for a hug, squeezing your shoulder blades back and together, then return them back to start—down and together, soft elbows. If you're seated, lower chest close to thighs for this. If you're standing, keep feet hip-width apart and bent the knees slightly or stagger the feet and bend the knees slightly. Start with 8 reps and work your way up to 15 reps.

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