Get Fit in 2015: MVP offers four options to exercise

GRAND RAPIDS & HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - For the next 12 weeks, WZZM 13's Valerie Lego, Alana Nehring, and Jennifer Pascua are making a commitment to get fit in 2015.

While they didn't start at the beginning of the year like most people, the ladies are determined to spend the next three months working to get healthy. Each has her own set of personal goals and will share throughout the process.

Their home base will be MVP Sportsclubsin downtown Grand Rapids, Holland, and the new MVP Athletic Club on Crahen. They will be having their own friendly Body Transformation Challenge competition. Valerie will be doing the BTC-Reshape and Jennifer & Alana will be doing the BTC-180. You can learn more about the challenge HERE.

Along the way, they will also show you what else they are doing to keep moving. (On the side, Valerie is an avid runner, Alana has been doing roller derby, and Jennifer will begin Tahitian dance classes.) Nutrition classes will also be part of the challenge this year, as they attempt to avoid the tempting work table filled with various goodies dropped off by their coworkers.

They will need encouragement -- and also hope to provide you with the same -- on various social media outlets. Share your pictures, videos, tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures with the hashtag #13Fitin2015.

Watch our previous GET FIT videos HERE.


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