Woman recovers from coma through music

GREENVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) -- There is so much in life where music adds to the celebration or ambiance, and now there's something else that music is being credited with--healing.

It's being credited with helping a West Michigan woman recover from a coma and even inspired her to write a song about her journey.

"I don't remember a whole week before I went down." Taylor McPherson had been complaining of a constant headache when her doctor discovered a ruptured blood vessel bleeding into her brain and causing pressure.

After a surgery to stop the bleeding, Taylor was put in a medically induced coma and her parents waited patiently for the day she would wake up. But they weren't quite prepared for the Taylor that would come back to them.

"I couldn't speak. I didn't remember my parents. I just had a ton of questions and I didn't have a voice," said Taylor. It was a scary time.

But she did eventually find it. "Music has always been a big part of my life." And Taylor was about to find out just how big.

As she sat and played her guitar, little did Taylor realize it was giving her brain a workout. Soon her voice returned but with it came something else.

"She was able to express her own thoughts about what she had gone through with her rehab journey," said Erin Wegener, a Neurological Music Therapist for Spectrum Health.

And that's when Erin asked Taylor if she'd like to write a song. "She came out with the first line. It's been a crazy few months." And the title: "Keep You Head Held High."

Taylor's music therapy did more than help her voice, her breathing, and her memory, it made her mentally strong. Now Taylor enjoys thinking about how she might inspire someone else. "I'd tell them to sing their heart out."

Taylor still has a few memory problems but for the most part she is completely recovered.

Music therapy at Spectrum Health's CARF unit is used not only for coma patients but for those who need help with walking and coordination.

Click below if you would like to listen to the full version of Taylor's song.


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