WZZM 13 reporter tries 'Laughter Yoga'

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Children laugh 450 times a day, but adults average only 15 times, so WZZM 13 wanted to find out why people aren't laughing enough. WZZM 13's Alex Shabad participated in "Laughter Yoga" and explains why "faking it" is a good thing when it comes to laughing.

Maureen Bernie is a Laughter Yoga leader, but in some ways she also considers herself a kindergarten teacher. "We're going to laugh for no reason," says Bernie.

The class consists of five grown women and one 32 year-old man; WZZM 13's Alex Shabad. "We've got a brave guy here," Bernie joked.

In order to work out the laughing muscles, Bernie says people first have to act like children. Bernie showed the class how to laugh while holding hands, or driving, and even crying.

Bernie says it doesn't matter whether the laugh is forced or not. "We're going to get all those good benefits of laughter even though we're fooling our body."

Tammy Wilson and Morgan Littin are taking that message on the road home. "Try to remember it when I'm driving, to laugh and not take things so seriously," says Wilson. "At work dealing with grumpy customers," says Littin.

"Family, traffic, taxes, they just all add up so we forget how to laugh," says Bernie. She adds laughter can boost your immune system, control your blood pressure, and even help you age slower.


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