Two Michigan educators, Tracy Foster, a teacher in the Corunna school district, and Shannon Cooper-Toma, an early childhood school principal in Corunna, coauthored the book "Benson's Adventures in Michigan."

It raises awareness about Michigan landmarks and encourages families to see them for themselves.

Foster and Cooper-Toma explained, "We believe children should be curious, inspired, and encouraged to DREAM BIG. As educators, we know books and travel can take children to magical places beyond their homes, classrooms, and communities. Our goal is to help children understand that a world of Michigan travel adventures and opportunities awaits them and that they can make a difference by following their dreams."

Michigan landmarks and vacation destinations are ranked among the top places in the world to visit.

"In our classrooms, we continue to be surprised by the number of Michigan children who have never seen the Mackinac Bridge, played in a state park, or visited a Great Lakes beach. We wrote Benson’s Adventures in Michigan to raise awareness about Michigan’s unique places and destinations and to encourage families to experience these attractions firsthand."

"Because children learn best by exploring and being fully engaged in their learning experiences, we created a Benson’s Challenge to be completed after each travel destination. The fun continues as readers are invited to showcase their travel adventures by sharing photographs, videos, special family recipes, and other made-in-Michigan memories on our website at It is our sincere hope that Benson’s Adventures in Michigan will become a treasured family keepsake. May each reading inspire, encourage, and renew pride in being a citizen of the Great Lakes State."

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They're also looking for donations to continue this project and expand it to other kids in the state.