A community forum will be held Thursday, Feb. 2, at the Muskegon Heights City Hall to discuss ways to prevent Muskegon Heights Academy from closing.

The grades 7-12 school has ranked in the bottom 5-percent for academic performance across the state since 2014.

Last month, parents received a letter from the Michigan School Reform Office saying the school was at risk for closure.

During Monday's state of the city address, Muskegon Heights Academy Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross explained that the Michigan School Reform Office looks at only one indicator when making their list of at risk schools: ACT scores.

She reminded those in attendance that that is only one measure, that in fact the Michigan Department of Education has been working with the district weekly and that their report card shows significant growth. And it's growth they want to build on.

"We are striving for excellence," explained the Superintendent Zachary-Ross. "The scores are not where we want them to be, we are not proud of that. We do not want our scores to stay where they are. However if you look, even with Michigan Reading Core, that is an outside agency, we had the highest gains out of every single organization they have worked with.

"We continue to show that we have this growth."

Tonight's meeting is at Muskegon Heights City Hall on Peck St. at 6 p.m.