The Worx GT 2.0 - Taking my whack at trimming

(WZZM) - Lauren Stanton let me write this week's Try It Before You Buy It since it is was (a) my yard we worked on, and (b) I run the website anyway, so I can do what I want. Watch the video for Lauren's Try It report on my Worx GT 2.0. I share my experience below.


I was up late one night...or maybe I was up very early, and I caught an informercial for the Worx GT 2.0 and I was intrigued. I have a cheap weed whacker that is electric and an ancient edger that isn't that sharp anymore.

This Worx gizmo runs on a lithium battery that the commercial and the box says lasts twice as long as other battery-operated lawn equipment. I don't have any experience with other battery-operated lawn equipment, but with a new swing set far off in the backyard, running an electric cord all that way was seeming inefficient. (And if things take me too long, I tend to just not do them.)

Being the web guy at WZZM, I went to social media to check out reviews and see if any of my friends had one. One did have other Worx equipment and liked it. (Others were typically smart-alecky and chided me for watching an informercial). Worx has a very active Facebook page as well and many of the comments were positive, but those that were critical did get responses from the company towards resolutions. Worx also has an email service that sends you tips and asks for feedback on their equipment. (And also tries to sell you more stuff, but that's kind of expected, right?)

I ordered online at and the GT came in four days without any extra shipping expenses other than the standard. I charged up the battery and when Lauren came over, I started it up. There was no real assembly required, other than the safety guard and the first spool of string was also already in place. It came with two replacement spools and is very easy to install the new spools. This was a constant problem with my old weed whacker and my general lack of fine motor skills.

We started it up and "weed-whacked" along one side of my house. I feel it is important here to note that I had not trimmed along my house or swing set at all this summer and my grass and weeds in those areas has gotten pretty thick. Same goes for my edging of the sidewalks. I think I did it two years ago and usually rely on the Wyoming sidewalk snowplow to take care of that during the winter, but with our dry winter, I didn't get enough passes to help me out this year.

I trimmed the thick grass along one side of the house, the swing set, and then switched to edging. I got one short portion of the sidewalk while Lauren was watching and it cut through my thick grass and dirt pretty well. I had to go over it a couple of times in places there were weeds, but that was kind of expected.

Lauren left and I went off to entertain my toddler for a while. After a few hours, I came back to resume edging. I got through another good chunk of the edging when the battery died. And when it dies, it's done. There was not much warning either. Now, some of that may be due to my thick edges and the fact I left the battery on the machine and didn't put it back on the charger, but it was done. I put it back on the charger and it was at least a couple of hours before it was recharged.

After recharging, I finished all the edging and weed-whacked around the rest of the house with the battery still charged. I haven't gone on further yet, but will keep you posted here.

I would recommend getting a second battery if you are going to do all of your yard work in one shot. For me, I have toddler interruptions, so that usually isn't an issue.


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