Try It Before You Buy It: OrGreenic Kitchenware

GRAND RAPIDS(WZZM)-- The government has banned the use of the chemical found in Teflon used in non-stick cookware. Now there are many alternatives, including the latest,OrGreenic Kitchenware. It claims to be the environmentally friendly way to cook with little or no fat, oil or grease.

Sue Chef,a local chef with a line of spices sold in stores, helped us test it out. The commercial shows eggs sliding around, omelets being BLOWN right out of the pan, and burnt-on messes easily sliding off the pan.

We found without any oil, our eggs stuck, but easily came out with a spatula. The samething happenedwith an omelet. It cleaned up easily.

It worked great with burnt-on sugar and sauces. Sue Chef was impressed and said it worked just as good as a Teflon pan.

But, I received a couple emails from viewers complaining about the OrGreenic pans. One viewer told me after just a month, the green coating began to chip. They said they never used metal utensils. They said their food stuck and they were planning on returning it.

So, I would say OrGreenic is comparable to Teflon, but viewers tell me it doesn't hold up in the long run.

We found the OrGreenic pan in a number of stores like Walgreens and Wal-Mart for $19.99.


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