Try It Before You Buy It: Side-Sleeper Pro Pillow

SPRING LAKE, Mich.(WZZM) -- The Side-Sleeper Pro says it's a doctor-developed, ergonomically-designed pillow that's supposed to help support the neck and spine, relieving pressure, allowing you to breathe easier and wake up more refreshed and pain free.

It's shaped like a "C" with a hollowed out area for your ear. The long back side of the pillow is supposed to support your back, while the front allow you to cradle it without discomfort.

One of our viewers, Kristi Gregg, has a herniated disc in her neck. She says it doesn't give her problems during the day, but when she wakes up, it's stiff. She tested the Side-Sleeper Pro for 30 days.

Kristi was hoping for a better night's sleep, but that's not how it turned out. "I was not happy with it. You kind of have to keep your ear in the ear hole and I tended to curl forward and it did nothing for my neck pain. And if I wanted to roll over you have to flip the pillow to keep this portion along your back.

It didn't seem to be made from the best material, it seemed lumpy and like it wouldn't last long.

Kristi was not happy with the Side-Sleeper Pro, but it's just one person's opinion. It may work for you. Admittedly, I used the Side-Sleeper Pro in the car on the way home and it was the best car pillow I've ever used. But overnight, you might not have the same experience.

We found theSide-Sleeper Pro online where it's advertised for $19.99. You can get a second one free, with separate P&H.


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