Do's & Don'ts For Job Applications

11:30 AM, Mar 15, 2010   |    comments
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Here are some great "Do's & Dont's" for filling out a job application:

• Read directions first and then fill out the application
• Print clearly and neatly instead of cursive writing
• Be specific about the position you are applying for (don't put "any job")
• Answer every question or write N/A if not applicable
• Only use references that have given you permission
• Include a copy of your resume with the application
• Know your Social Security number
• Bring a blue or black ink pen
• Provide only positive information about you and previous employers
• Stay within the boxes and the lines
• Spell accurately
• Have correct telephone numbers
• Know that you are being watched for your behavior and the amount of time it takes you to complete the application (should only take 15-20 minutes)
• Use the information from your resume (and COMPASS KIT) to complete the application
• Be aware that questions about height, weight, age, sex, marital status, size of your family, religion, politics, birthplace, race or national origin, and disabilities are illegal questions
• Have a work permit if under 18 years of age
• Do brag about your qualifications and accomplishments-this is where you need to toot your own horn

• Don't cross out information
• Don't ask for a phone book for additional information
• Don't write "fired" for reason for leaving job - instead, "let go" or "not a good fit" and be prepared to explain what you mean
• Don't write unemployed on application
• Don't say anything bad about a person or company
• Don't forget to sign and date the application
• Don't Lie
• Don't (or try not to) make mistakes
• Don't Leave blanks
• Don't address disabilities unless the question is directly related to the job and the ability to perform it
• Don't use abbreviations
• Write in a $5-$10,000 range in "salary" or write "open"
• Don't try to explain limitations on the application - describe your abilities and skills

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