Dancing With The Stars inspires viewers

6:14 AM, May 25, 2011   |    comments
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Social Dance Studio in Standale

Standale, MI (WZZM) - Many viewers say watching Dancing With The Stars on television is not only entertaining, its also inspirational. It makes them want to learn.

"Can I do that, could I possibly do that?" dance student Jerri Gray says she asked herself before taking classes at Social Dance Studio in Standale. "Maybe I can do that."

Social Dance Studio owner Ralph Seewald says his phone starts ringing every time a new Dancing With The Stars season begins.

"We get a lot more inquiries about learning to dance," he says.

"I wanted an adventure," explains student Margaret Bower. She started taking lessons just over a year ago.

"The first night was a good experience and I just kept coming back. It was the right time and I love it." 

Social Dance Studio offers group and private instruction, at least one dance a week and a supportive environment to help new students overcome fear and inhibition.

"Anybody can dance," says instructor Jean Guild. " You just need information. Once you get information you apply it on the floor and you're dancing."

But while Dancing With The Stars is inspirational, students at Social Dance Studio soon realize they aren't learning the moves they see on TV.

"Some of my students come in and say 'I watched but didn't see any cha cha steps', " laughs Guild. "On the show they are doing a lot of what we call 'Flash and Trash'."

"If they had beginner dancers fumbling around with basic moves the show wouldn't have lasted one season," says Seewald. "It wouldn't be that interesting to watch."

Group lessons at Social Dance Studio average about $10.00. Dance GR also offers an inexpensive lesson and dance at least one per month.  With some research, students will find other options.  After a little instruction the teachers say everyone is capable.

"If you can walk you can dance," says Seewald.

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