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Help! How Do I... Install My Own Water Softener?

10:47 AM, May 27, 2011   |    comments
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Godwin Water Treatment
1. Determine where the softener is going to be placed. Usually best somewhere near the water entrance. You will want to look for the placement of your outside faucets if you would like these to remain hard water. Softened water to your outdoor faucets will rob the water softener of capacity especially when used for something like sprinkling.

2. We need three things for installation:
a. Water supply b. Electrical outlet c. Drain for discharge

3. Water Supply - Show connections and how we can adapt to different materials. What materials may be needed.

4. Electrical- Extension cord can be run but not recommended. Most newer softeners draw very little electricity.

5. Drain- Show where the discharge leaves the softener and how we can tie into a typical PVC drain line.

6. Connect brine line to softener, put salt in brine tank and follow start-up instructions.


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