Bunker Elementary wants to double its goal Toys for Tots

8:05 AM, Nov 22, 2011   |    comments
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MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM)- Tuesday marks the second day of the WZZM 13's Toys for Tots campaign and schools from across West Michigan are once again helping us help others.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the goal is to see big numbers.

Many of the schools are already getting in the spirit of our campaign.

At Bunker Middle school in Muskegon, the student council is organizing a way to raise a goal of 200 toys. That's double the toys they were able to bring in last year.

From the newest in Nerf shooter toys, baby dolls that make real baby sounds, to Dominoes and miniature drills and of course Legos, these are just a few of the toys they already have collected.

Those involved say it's a holiday project like no other.

Morgan Griffin says, "A lot of kids don't have presents. one of the things especially when you're little is something you really care about is Santa Claus and Christmas and all the fun times and to go downstairs and not have anything under the tree is really sad."

Her classmate Emily Baker adds, "We know we are brightening kids and making them happy by bringing in toys, making them have a good christmas I think it makes a lot of kids feel good when they're bringing in toys and kind of makes the school better."

Fellow 8th grader Jose Coraza explains, "It teaches us to help others that need it and to care for others."

Student Council Advisor and Health Teacher Miss Turner-Terry says all schools should take part, even though it takes work. "Once you get the mindset in giving for this particular holiday season it makes it worthwhile."

The Student Council says it plans to host a dance where a new toy will replace the cost of admission.

Students admit the momentum builds as they start to see how much other schools are bringing in when they watch our Toys for Tots ticker on the morning news. Seeing the numbers grow gets them excited about our School Spirit Challenge Day on December 9th.


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