Kent County Toy Drop-Off Locations

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Kent County Toy Drop-Off Locations
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2011 Toys for Tots
Kent County Toy Drop-Off Locations
5/3 Bank 2301 Gezon Parkway SW
5/3 Bank 475 Ada Dr SE
5/3 Bank 9325 Cherry Valley Ave S
5/3 Bank 3980 Alpine Ave NW
5/3 Bank 2201 Wealthy St SE
5/3 Bank 3900 Chicago Dr SW
5/3 Bank 6210 Kalamazoo Ave SE
5/3 Bank 805 Leonard St NW
5/3 Bank 2465 Burton St SE
5/3 Bank 700 Bridge St NW
5/3 Bank 2065 44th St SE
5/3 Bank 6485 28th St SE
5/3 Bank 2209 Plainfield Ave NE
5/3 Bank 62 54th St SW
5/3 Bank 3715 28th St SE
5/3 Bank 351 Covell Ave NW
5/3 Bank 4460 Cascade Rd SE
5/3 Bank 754 Franklin St SE
5/3 Bank 111 Lyon St NW
5/3 Bank 3785 Plainfield Ave NE
5/3 Bank 1967 E. Beltline NE
5/3 Bank 1319 Michigan St NE
5/3 Bank 5400 Northland Dr
5/3 Bank 1031 Chicago Dr SW
5/3 Bank 2456 Eastern Ave SE
5/3 Bank 4520 Lake Mich Dr. NW
5/3 Bank 4460 Wilson Ave SW
5/3 Bank 11915 E Fulton St
5/3 Bank 4985 10 Mile Rd
5/3 Bank 4404 Clyde Park Ave SW
5/3 Bank 2828 Michael Ave SW
5/3 Bank 2805 10 Mile Rd
5/3 Bank 4765 44th St SE
5/3 Bank 2384 84th St SW
5/3 Bank 675 68th St SW
Ada Fire Dept 6990 E. Fulton St
Advance Newspapers 2141 Port Sheldon SW
Alpine Hair 5253 Alpine Ave NW
Amer Legion Boat & Canoe 401 N Park St
Amway Grand Plaza 187 Monroe Ave NW
Anderson Family Chiro 0-705 Tallmadge Woods
Andy J. Egan Co 2001 Waldorf NW
Angela's Italian Restaurant 240 E Division, Sparta
Appletree Learning Center 2142 3 Mile Rd NW
Appletree Learning Center 1953 Monroe Ave NW
Appletree Learning Center 732 52nd St SE
Appletree Learning Center 6765 Courtland Dr, Rockf
Appletree Learning Center 6581 Belding Rd NE
Appletree Learning Center 2485 56th St SW
Arbor Mortgage 2311 E. Beltline SE
Arie Nol Auto Center 5189 Eastern Ave SE
Art Van Furniture 4625 Wilson Ave SW
Art Van Furniture 4273 Alpine Ave NW
Art Van Furniture 4375 28th St SE
Auto Centric 5355 Plainfield Ave NE
Autumn Ridge Apts 3902 Mayfield Ave NE
Bath Fitter 4623 Clyde Park Ave SW
Batteries Plus 3575 Alpine Ave NW
Batteries Plus 3031 28th St SE
Berger Chevrolet 2525 28th ST SE
Big Boy Restaurant 4950 Wilson Ave SW
Blast Factory, The 5870 Safety Drive, Belmt
Brann's 5510 28th St SE
Brann's 401 Leonard St NW
Brann's 3475 Fairlanes SW
Brann's 4945 S Division Ave
Broadwalk Condos 940 Monroe Ave NW
Business Strategy 944 52nd St SW
Butterball Farms 1435 Buchanan Ave SW
Byron Twp Library 8191 Byron Center SW
C H Robinson 3196 Kraft Ave SE
Calvin Christian High School 3750 Ivanrest Ave SW
Campau Corners 6785 Whitneyville Rd SE
Cannon Twp Fire Dept 6878 Belding Rd NE
Capelli Salon 1514 Wealthy St SE
Cascade Car Wash 6771 28th St SE
Cascade Fire Dept 2865 Thornhills Ave SE
Cascade Library 2870 Jacksmith Ave SE
Cheyenne Hair & Body 11629 Northland Dr, Rkfd
Child Time 1901 East Paris Ave SE
ChoiceOne Bank 109 E Division, Sparta
ChoiceOne Bank 450 W Muskegon, Kt Cit
ChoiceOne Bank 416 W Division, Sparta
ChoiceOne Bank 4170 17 Mile Rd, Cedar S.
ChoiceOne Bank 5050 Alpine Ave NW
ChoiceOne Bank 6795 Courtland Dr, Rockf
Christian Brothers Automotive 1464 28th St SE
Cornerstone University 1001 E. Beltline
Credit Union One 1609 Walker Ave NW
CU Answers 6000 28th ST SE
Curves 1621 Leonard St NE
Custom Profile 2535 Waldorf Ct NW
Cutlerville Fire Dept 11 68th St SW
Dalessandro Nationwide Ins 1500 44th St SE
DC Healthy Living Center 1100 4 Mile Rd NW
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Serv 4328 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Dematic 507 Plymouth Ave NE
Design 1 4485 Plainfield Ave NE
Design 1 6750 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Design 1 5747 28th St SE
Design 1 4693 Wilson Ave SW
Designing Dreams 4335 Lake Mich Dr. NW
Diplomat Spec Pharmacy 214 E. Fulton St
Dr. Elias 535 Greenwood Ave
East Elementary School 3413 30th St SW
East GR Police & Fire Dept. 770 Lakeside Drive SE
East Hills Athletic Club 1640 E Paris Ave SE
East Rockford Middle School 8615 9 Mile Rd, Rockford
Edward Jones 4610 Plainfield Ave NE
Edward Jones 1739 44th St SE
Edward Jones 2939 Wilson Ave SW
EGR Public Library 746 Lakeside Dr SE
Elements Hair Design 1924 Westwood NE
Elles Insurance Agency 5165 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Endurance Fitness 1040 4 Mile Rd NW
Energized Inspired Fitness 8108 E Fulton St, Ada
ENT Consultants 4880 Cascade Rd SE
Family Fare 701 68th St SW
Family Fare 2245 84th St SW
Family Fare 1415 E Fulton St
Family Fare 565 S State St, Sparta
FEDCom Credit Union 150 Ann St NW
Fifth Third Bank - Operations 1830 E Paris Ave SE
First American Title 390 Spaulding SE
First United Federal CU 3140 Ivanrest Ave SW
Florentines Pizza 4494 Plainfield Ave NE
For the People 2841 Breton Ave SE
Forest Hills Foods 4668 Cascade Rd SE
Frenz Coffee House 4 Bridge St, Rockford
Frito--Lay 7491 Clyde Park Ave SW
Gander Mountian 2890 Acquest SE
GE Aviation 3290 Patterson Ave SE
General Formulations 309 S Union, Sparta
Gerald R. Ford Airport 5500 44tth St SE
GFS Marketplace 5665 28th St SE
GFS Marketplace 4322 Alpine Ave NW
GFS Marketplace 4990 Clay Ave SW
Godwin Hts High School 50 35th St SW
GR Alternative Care 1001 Medical Park Dr 112
GR Twp Fire Dept 1836 E. Beltline
Grand Buick 2901 28th St SW
Grand Rapids Family CU 1225 Plymouth Ave NE
Grand Rapids Family CU 87 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids Fire Dept
Grandville Fire Dept 3215 Wilson Ave SW
Grandville Library 4055 Maple St SW
Grandville W Elem School 3777 Aaron St SW
Great Lakes Computer 5555 Corporate Ex CT SE
Griffins 130 W. fulton St
Gymco 2306 Camelot Ridge Ct SE
Hansen Collision 3300 Plainfield Ave NE
Hansen Collision 5707 Alpine Ave NW
Hansen Collision 1523 Godfrey Ave sw
Hansen Collision 3800 Broadmoor Ave SE
Hansen Collision 1201 Northland Dr
Hansen Collision 2929 Burlingame Ave SW
Hansen Collision 7580 Expressway Dr, Wyo
Health 1st Chiro of Rockford 6475 Belding Rd NE
Health Motion P.T. 428 Bridge St NW
Health Motion P.T. 3826 44th St SE
Heidi Christines Salon 500 Ada Dr, Ada
Hinman Company 2851 Charlevoix Dr SE
Holiday Bar
Holiday Pet Resort & Salon 10950 Northland Dr NE
Independent Bank 4200 E. Beltline
Independent Bank 3090 Plainfield Ave NE
Independent Bank 86 Monroe Center
Independent Bank 5 Third St, Sand Lake
Independent Bank 4115 17 Mile Rd, Cedar S.
Independent Bank 4525 Lake Mich Dr. NW
Independent Bank 3800 Alpine Ave NW
Independent Bank 78 S. Main, Rockford
Independent Bank 6750 Cascade Rd SE
Infusion Associates 3230 Eagle Park Dr 101
INMR 65 S Main St, Rockford
Intertek 4700 Broadmoor Ave SE
Jazzy Junk 4318 Plainfield Ave NE "H"
Jersey Junction 652 Croswell SE
K Force 44 Grandville Ave SW
Keller Ford KIA 3385 Alpine Ave NW
Kellogg Roger B Chaffee SW
Kent County Credit Union 1619 Plainfield Ave NE
Kent County Credit Union 901 Gezon Parkway SW
Kent County Credit Union 14111 White Creek
Kent Family Dental 2515 Alpine Ave NW
Kentwood Fire Dept 5340 Eastern Ave SE
Kentwood Fire Dept 4151 Embassy Dr SE
Kentwood Fire Dept 4775 Walma Dr SE
Kentwood Library 4950 Breton Ave SE
Knights of St Casimir Society 649 6th St NW
Kool Chevrolet 3770 Plainfield Ave NE
Kool Toyota 3780 Plainfield Ave NE
Kraft Meadows Middle School 9230 Kraft Ave SE
L-3 Communications 5353 52nd St SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 143 Bostwick NE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 1820 Leonard St. NE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 412 Fuller Ave. NE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 342 Michigan St. NE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 2024 Celebration Ave.
Lake Michigan Credit Union 4560 Alpine Ave. NW
Lake Michigan Credit Union 2720 Lake Michigan Dr. NW
Lake Michigan Credit Union 665 Seward Ave. NW
Lake Michigan Credit Union 1210 Spaulding Ave. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 260 Jefferson Ave. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 3810 Sparks Dr. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 1840 Wealthy St. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 4050 Lake Dr. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 3870 South Division Ave.
Lake Michigan Credit Union 7175 Broadmoor Ave. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 6206 Kalamazoo Ave. SE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 2335 10 Mile Rd. NE
Lake Michigan Credit Union 8211-Q Byron Center Ave
Lacks Enterprises 4090 Barden Dr SE
Lighthouse Communities 1422 Madison Ave SE
Lincoln Square Retirement 3121 Lake Mich Dr. NW
Living Hope Assembly of God 7033 Hammond Ave SE
Maple Hill Golf Course 5555 Ivanrest Ave SW
McShane & Bowie 99 Monroe Ave NW
Meijer Credit Union 2410 Gaynor Ave NW
Metron 400 Jeffery, Cedar Sprgs
Michigan Athletic Club 2500 Burton St SE
Michigan Commerce Bank 4505 Cascade Rd SE
Minds In Motion 3665 28th St SE
MVP Athletic Club 515 E. Division, Rkfd
My Bar and Grill 1 Ionia Ave SW
Naked Plates Studios 1860 Breton Ave SE
Natural Choice Chiro 5250 Kalamazoo Ave SE
North American Fuel Sys 4232 Brockton Dr SE
Northfield Lanes 2222 Plainfield Ave NE
Oak Valley Apts 2867 Oak Valley SW
Old Orchard Apts 936 4 Mile Rd NW
Orchard Hills Athletic Club 115 Crahen NE
Outer Image Salon & Spa 5366 Plainfield Ave NE
Oxford Place Apts 2143 43rd St SE
Panera Bread 2044 Celebration Dr NE
Panera Bread 3150 Alpine Ave NW
Panera Bread 1669 Marketplace Dr SE
Panera Bread 32 44th St SW, Grvl
Panera Bread 6080 28th St SE
Panera Bread 3770 28th St SE
Panera Bread 3700 Rivertown Parkway
Partners in Dental Care 2565 Forest Hills Ave SE
Phillip Michael Salon & Spa 5751 Byron Center SW
Plainfield Fire Dept. 4343 Plainfield Ave NE
Plainfield Twp Fire Dept 6145 Belmont Rd NE
Plainfield Twp Library 2650 5 Mile Rd NE
Pop's Restaurant 1339 Walker Village Dr
Price Waterhouse Coopers 333 Bridge St NW 505
Prince Conference Center Calvin College
Proos Manufacturing 1037 Michigan St NE
Quality Pool & Spa 3100 Broadmoor Ave SE
Ramblewood Apts 4250 Industrial Dr SW
Ranir Corporation 4701 East Paris Ave SE
Rapid Parts Inc 2950 Walkent CT NW
Raymond James & Assoc 1151 E Paris Ave SE
Red Lobster 3464 Rivertown Parkway
Red Robin 3722 Potomac Cir SW
Ric's Food Center 6767 Belding Rd NE
River Oak Apts 5425 East Paris Ave SE
Rivertown Comm Fed CU 211 36th St SW
Riverview Athletic Club 4940 Plainfield Ave NE
Rockford Fire Dept 7 S. Main, Rockford
Rockford Indep. News 40 Towers NE, Rkfd
Rockford Library - Krause 140 E. Bridge St, Rkfd
Rockford Squire 51.5 E. Bridge St, Rkfd
Roger's Plaza 972 Roger's Plaza CTR
Rogue River Credit Union 485 S State St, Sparta
Rogue Valley Vet Clinic 4210 14 Mile Rd.
Rose Garden Homes 3391 Prairie Ave SW
Russ' Restaurant 6444 S Division Ave
S Abraham & Sons Inc 4001 3 Mile Rd NW
Sam's Club 3901 Alpine Ave NW
Seigel Jewelry 2485 Lake Eastbrook Blvd
Silhouettes Hair Design 75 54th St SW
SOS Office Supply 4722 50th St SE
Spectrum Health Offices 4085 Burton St SE
Spectrum Health Pavilion 80 68th St SW
Spinski's Disc Golf Pro Shop 7641 S Division Ave
Steelcase CDC
Steelcase Corp 901 44th St SE
Steelcase East
Steelcase West
Steelcase Wood 68th ST SE
Steginga Funeral Home 1601 Post Dr.
Stehouwer Auto Sales 7000 S Division Ave
Studion Two Twenty Two 222 S Lafayette St
Sunrise Auto 7100 E. Fulton St
Sunrise of Cascade 3041 Charlevoix Dr SE
Sylvan Learning Center 4330 44th St SW
Tendercare of Wyoming 2786 56th St SW
The Cedar Springs Post 36 E Maple St
The Intersection 133 Grandville Ave SW
The Villas at Rivertown 3510 Water Walk Dr SW
Thomas S Fox Jewelers 3090 28 St SE
T-Mobile 2282 28th St SE
Toyota of G.R. 2555 28th ST SE
Toys R Us 3130 Alpine Ave NW
Toys R Us 3445 28th St SE
TradeWinds Credit Union 4555 West River Dr NW
Triangle Associates, Inc 3769 3 Mile Rd NW
Tropi Tan 3989 Cascade Rd SE
Tutor Time Learning 3280 Grand Ridge Dr NE
Tutor Time Learning 6690 28th St SE
Two Men & A Truck 1575 Gezon Parkway SW
Two Men & A Truck Centerpointe Mall
U Store It 2621 Burlingame Ave SW
Uncle Bobs Self Storage 3718 Alpine Ave NW
Uncle Bobs Self Storage 4309 Roger B Chaffee SE
Union Square Condos 600 Broadway Ave NW
United Bank Of Mich 900 East Paris Ave SE
United Bank Of Mich 6108 Cascade Rd SE
VanAndel & Flikkema Chrys 3844 Plainfield Ave NE
Villas of Ada 830 Bridge Crest Dr, Ada
W Mich Spine and Wellness 5570 Wilson Ave SW
Walker Chamber of Commerce 3547 Alpine Ave NW
Walker Library 4293 Remembrence Rd NW
Walmart - Kenowa Ave 4542 Kenowa Ave SW
Waterchase Apts 3100 Waterchase Way SW
Williams Kitchen & Bath 3850 29th St SE
Williams Kitchen & Bath 658 Richmond NW
Witte Travel 3250 28th St SE
Woodbridge Apts 3140 East Paris Ave SE
Woodland Creek Apts 3300 East Paris Ave SE
Woodland Estates 2351 Valleywood Dr SE
Wyma Properties 3468 Wallace CT SW
Wyndham Hill Apts 1851 Knapp St NE
Wyoming Fire Dept 1250 36th St SW
Wyoming Library 3350 Michael Ave SW
Wyoming Moose Ldg 763 2630 Burlingame Ave SW
Wyoming South Storage 533 36th St SW
WZZM 655 3 Mile Rd NW
York Creek Apts 650 York Creek Dr NW

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