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Working off Thanksgiving dinner at home

1:55 PM, Nov 24, 2011   |    comments
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File photo of a Thanksgiving turkey from the Detroit Free Press.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- While you're sitting home stuffing down turkey-- the last thing you want to think about is working it off. At least that was the case for WZZM 13 reporter Sarah Barwacz.

We sent her out with Dr. Ross Sherman, GVSU's Associate Professor with exercise science.

He taught her how to burn off those calories from home.
Here's some of the calorie information for at home exercises:

--Carrying 10 lbs. of gifts walking a ½ mile through the mall and or the mall parking lot will burn about 145 calories for a 150 lb. person.

--4 hours of yard work would burn 1400 calories if you weighed 200 lbs.

-- 3 hours of housework would burn 791 calories if you weighed 200 lbs. That is the same as walking for 2 hours at 3mph. 

--Shoveling snow (395 to 408): Pushing a snow blower instead of a shovel cuts the caloric burn by 100 calories. 

--Holiday baking (168 to 348): You can pre-burn a few cookies-worth of calories while preparing them. The caloric burn level of baking varies widely depending on how much effort you put into kneading and rolling. 

--Cleaning gutters (329 per 60 minutes): Cleaning gutters this Thanksgiving weekend can burn calories: climbing, reaching, and scraping etc. 

--Raking and bagging leaves (263 to 283 per 60 minutes for a 200 lb. person) 

Calorie burn information supplied to WZZM 13 from the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids.

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