West Michigan's Ridiculously Photogenic

7:14 AM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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  • Bob Brenzing, Online Producer, in the 2011 10k 5/3rd River Bank Run - not ridiculously photogenic
  • Photo from QuickMeme.com via ABCNews.com

(WZZM) - You may have seen him on Good Morning America or on any number of different websites - The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" is now a worldwide hit.

Zeddie Little is from New York, but was running a race in South Carolina when his picture was taken.  Looking much better than your normal runner at that part of a race, his photo has become an internet meme.

So, we at WZZM were thinking...are there West Michigan residents who have a "ridiculously photogenic" photo of themselves?  Do you have a photo that wasn't intended to be capturing you at your best, but turned out to be terrific?

Over 60 of you sent in your photos...and for that, we thank you.  Most of them are in the above photo gallery...there were a few that came through glitchy.

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