Lisa Ling on 'What Americans are Talking About'

10:47 AM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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When Americans gather around the water cooler to talk about what's happening these days, the topics extend beyond the latest voter poll. Americans worry about the survival of the American Dream in a troubling economy, about the fate of their children in a permissive society, and about justice in an era of declining crime statistics but rampant headlines about missing children.

Journalist Lisa Ling has her finger on the pulse of America and a hankering to tell stories about some of the most thought-provoking issues in America today. In her series Our America with Lisa Ling she is able to immerse herself into the lives of the people she meets and challenges viewers to understand different perspectives and sometimes even question what they themselves have always believed to be true in 'Our America'. From child beauty pageants and arranged marriages to teen moms and the fear of losing the American Dream she takes viewers along for an in-depth look at what Americans are talking and thinking about.

Unlike many TV hosts today, Ling doesn't want to impose her feelings and beliefs on her viewers. "I'm not going to tell you what to think," Ling says of the topics discussed on Our America. "I'm just here to provide you with an experience. It's up to you to come to your own conclusion." The new season of "Our America with Lisa Ling" (premiering Sunday June 10 at 10PM on OWN) will look at "negotiated monogamy" ("The Swingers Next Door"), women who pursue a religious vocation ("Brides of Christ"), child beauty pageants ("Sparkle Babies"), arranged marriage in America ("Holy Matromonies"), the lives of Native Americans ("Life on the Rez"), the state of the American Dream, teen moms, and whether or not our sex crimes laws need revisiting ("Labeled for Life.")

Courtesy: OWN

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