Super Saver: Top 5 ways stores entice you to spend more

2:36 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - You might not associate the grocery store with overspending since most items are considered "necessities".  But you might be surprised the ways your favorite store entices you to overspend. 

According to Sara Ferguson of Savingsangel, "The whole perimeter of the grocery store is very well planned out.  It's planned out that way in order to entice you to purchasing those things. It's very conscious, the fact that when you have to run into the store just to grab a gallon of milk, it's all the way in the back of the store and that is very planned.  Same thing with that deli, they want you to walk past it and smell all those smells and the food cooking." 

"If you don't shop with a list then you're going to spend about 70% of your budget on impulse buys.  For every extra minute you spend in a grocery store, you are going to spend $2 according to a recent study." 

1. The first way stores entice us to overspend is staring us right in the face.  "They know that the average woman is about 59 inches tall and the average man is about 64 inches, so those items are going to be just under those levels," said Ferguson.   Same goes for kids, take a look at what is at their height in the cereal aisle.

2.  Items at full price right are placed next to and related to the sale item.  "They're going to have a marinade or steak sauce or rub right next to the steaks on sale, but that item is not going to be on sale.  They're hopeful that you're just grabbing those steaks and and thinking unconsciously, 'Oh, maybe I need steak sauce, I better grab one," says Ferguson.  Instead, take the time to walk down the appropriate aisle and look for the best deal, not what's easiest.

3. "Items that have nothing to do with items next to them.  One that comes to mind is that cereal aisle again, with the kids so often you see a little plastic toy hanging in the middle.  They have a toy section. There's no reason to have toys in this aisle other than the fact that they know somebody is just going to grab it and be like, 'Can I please have it?'  And they do it to adults too and we don't even realize it," said Ferguson. 

4. Ever notice those unorganized looking "sale" displays?  According to Ferguson they might actually be organized exactly the way the store planned it.  "Those big displays, when you first walk in the door, they almost try to make it look haphazard, 'Oh we'll cut off this box and throw a bunch of products in it and it looks like we're so overstocked and we're practically giving it away.  A lot of times, those items are not that great of a sale." 

5. The best way to avoid the fifth way stores entice us to spend more is to know the store's sale policy.  "You have stores that will do three for $5 sale and you need to know if you can buy just one for $1.67 or do they require you to buy three to get that deal?  Actually the majority of stores will allow you to buy just one item." 

No sense buying more than you need, regardless of the price otherwise it's not a good deal. 





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