Top 5 dirtiest places at the mall

8:43 AM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Free Beer & Hot Wings - Germs at the Mall

AP photo of a mall

(WZZM) - Headed to the mall to cool off? Be sure to take your hand sanitizer and dinfectant wipes with you. is reporting on the five places at the mall that often harbor the most germs.

  • Food court tables: Many times the culprit is the rag used to wipe down the tables. It isn't changed as often as one might think, and can spread germs from table to table. Try carrying disinfectant wipes with you if you might eat at the mall.
  • Escalator handrails: They have been found to have have different germs and substances, including e.Coli, urine, muscus and blood. It is the thing people touch the most at malls. Protect yourself by not using them and carrying hand-sanitizer in case you do.
  • Toy stores: Children put toys in their mouth, rub them on their head and they end up back on the shelf.
  • Fitting rooms: It's not the rooms themselves. It's the clothes people try on -- they are covered with dead skin cells and persperation from others. The only way to protect yourself is to wear full coverage undergarments.
  • Make-up samples: Resist the urge to swipe your finger in the hot new shade of lipstick because tests have shown 67-100% of make-up testers are covered with bacteria like staph, strep and e.Coli. The people who put their fingers in the samples may not have washed their hands after using the restroom.

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