Can a normal woman get back to pre-baby shape?

6:17 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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baby weight

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- If you watched Katie Couric's new show Monday afternoon on ABC, you saw singer Jessica Simpson reveal her body after giving birth to her son this past May. She talked about the frustrations of losing weight. It's an issue every mother faces, but don't have the money, time, or resources to succeed.

"Most of us don't have nannies, cooks, nutritionists, personal trainers," says Terri Eudy. The health educator for Grand Valley Health Plan knows what it's like to take the baby weight off. "I put on approximately 75 pounds. It was a big deal."

Eudy was a former college athlete. She was physically fit, and pregnant with twins. "When I got pregnant, it was always in back of my mind. What is it going to do to my body and physique?"

Eudy's twins are now six years old. As a health educator, she recommends that women follow a healthy diet and exercise.

Family Physician, Dr. Nathan Mann, also suggest breast feeding. "Early on, I support breast feeding for benefits to the patient and the baby. It burns calories and helps lose weight faster."

A new mother can burn up to 700 calories per feeding. Dr. Mann also says there are women that can quickly bounce back to their pre-baby physique. "We do see 24-year-olds that seem to bounce back well."

For Eudy, it's been a challenge. She's within 10 pounds of her original weight and looks good, but knows she will never be the same as before. "I'll never have that washboard stomach. I think that's something we, as women, need to carry with us as our badge of honor. We did something very amazing and should be proud of that."

Eudy recommends that new moms take a postpartum exercise class. She says it helps them deal with stress and teaches them the best way to get stomach muscles back in shape.

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