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Everyone knows that when girlfriends get together, there's no stopping a party! And, starting this week, a new group of friends will make their debut in the wine section of Meijer supermarkets across the Midwest. Girlfriends Wine - featuring "Good Girl," "Wild Girl," "Classy Girl," "Romantic Girl," and "Party Girl" - offers an outstanding taste variety, personality and fun for every occasion.

Never to let a friend down, these three new ladies are ready to liven up the party at Meijer this month! Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky began carrying Girlfriends Wine last October when the brand launch Good Girl and Wild Girl wines in Meijer. The demand for the wine from consumers was there, and with that the brand set out to add new girls to the mix. Created by award-winning South African winemaker Val du Charron, the specially crafted Girlfriends products range from smooth to deep and everything in between.

In addition to Good Girl and Wild Girl, the five-varietal Girlfriends Wine collection includes three new products: "Classy Girl," "Party Girl" and "Romantic Girl."

"The five 'Girls' of Girlfriends Wine are made with independent, fun-loving women in mind," said Val du Charron co-owner Craig Entwistle, who directs the winemaker's marketing efforts in the U.S. from his base on St. Simons Island, Ga. "Our market research led us to this development of easy-drinking wines. They exude fun character and deliver delicious tastes popular with female consumers."

A closer look at "the Girls" of Girlfriends Wine:
• Good Girl: The easy-drinking Sweet White Blend is a semisweet, non-vintage blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandre whose fruity, floral taste includes hints of honeycomb and citrus.
• Wild Girl: The adventurous Sweet Red flavor is a racy blend of dark fruits and zing - a semisweet, non-vintage blend of Ruby Cabernet and Shiraz.
• Party Girl: A pink, refreshing, semisweet Rosé laced with flavors of strawberries and cream, is designed to deliver an explosion of fun, laughter and perfume in a glass.
• Romantic Girl: A deep, crimson-red Cabernet Sauvignon that is best savored with chocolate, roses and candlelight.
• Classy Girl: A sophisticated, stylish Chardonnay with hints of vanilla that transitions seamlessly from daytime to nighttime for pleasure-seeking consumers.

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More about Val du Charron
Located less than an hour from Cape Town and overlooking the Bovlei Valley, the Val du Charron Wine and Olive Estate lies at the foot of Bainskloof Mountain with great views of the majestic Hawequa Mountains nearby. The original farm was proclaimed in 1699, around the same time that French Huguenots settled in the area, bringing with them the art of wine making.
Along with its vineyards, olive groves and winery, the estate includes an eight-suite, bed-and-breakfast guesthouse; a swimming pool; walking and biking trails; a fishing basin; and elegant facilities for weddings and other private parties and functions.

The South African estate is now owned by American brothers Craig and Stuart Entwistle and Stuart's wife Cathy. As only the fifth family to hold title, the Entwistles have been loyal to the estate's historical integrity. They have lovingly restored the historic farm while re-establishing its tradition of wine making. Stuart and Cathy Entwistle live at Val du Charron, where they handle day-to-day farm and guesthouse operations. Craig Entwistle manages Val du Charron's wine business from the U.S..
Val du Charron wines are imported by Amara Imports LLC, of Wyoming, Minn.

Wine Maker Bertus Fourie
The Val du Charron Wine and Olive Estate (, located near Wellington, lies in the heart of South Africa's Western Cape Winelands. The picturesque estate includes a 100-acre vineyard and a winery where premium, quality grapes are blended by seasoned winemaker extraordinaire Bertus Fourie, mastermind of Girlfriends wines.

Renowned as the man who first produced the "Coffee Pinotage" style of wine in South Africa, Fourie in 2009 brought his winemaking knowledge, passion and ingenuity to Val du Charron and has been instrumental in helping the estate make its mark on the wine industry. A strong believer in the blending process, Fourie typically produces compositions that are more complex, richer and more finessed than any cultivar can induce on its own.

"When I first saw Val du Charron, I was blown away not only by the farm's sheer beauty,, but also by its huge potential, with vineyards on southern-facing slopes, rich red soils and a whole bouquet of varietals. And it has a continental climate, just like other great wine-producing areas of the world," said Fourie. "I have always been a strong believer in blending varietals, and with the diversity at Val du Charron, we are creating a symphony of wines, in the simplest and most-natural way possible."

Val du Charron currently produces both entry-level and super-premium wines. The winemaker's super-premium category features three distinct wines - Black Countess, Erasmus and Four White Legs - whose individual blends are treated separately, to emphasize their unique characteristics and flavors.

The Vintage 2010 Black Countess and the Vintage 2009 Erasmus captured gold and silver medals, respectively, at South Africa's 2011 Michelangelo CCL Label International Wine Awards. The gold and silver awards marked the first time a South African vineyard's products had been so decorated on their first entries into the Michelangelo competition.

Courtesy: The Butin Group

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