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Fugitives steal ribs and ride

12:37 AM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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Gregory Allen Bradshaw (left) & Kenneth Lee Grauman II (right)

DORR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -Once again it appears a pair of escaped convicts have given police the slip.

For the second time this week on Wednesday, police searched a remote area of Allegan County for fugitives Kenneth Grauman, 32, and Gregory Bradshaw, 23. And once again, they came up empty. The convicts could be miles away now because investigators believe they stole a car from a house when nobody was home.

"They took the white, 2000 Taurus," says Tony Rewa, whose home was burglarized. "It is pretty recognizable because it has a large dent above the driver's side front tire,  about 20 inches long."

The burglars also helped themselves to a slab of barbecued ribs in the Rewa home.

"[They took] some of my wife's delicious barbecue," Rewa says. "They were made for some guests that were coming. They took food and the car."

Police suspect Bradshaw and Grauman are now traveling with their girlfriends, but only one couple was seen near the home where the car was stolen.

"A man and woman were seen entering the woods," says Rewa. "Whether the other two were waiting, I have no idea."

Police say the convicts may have guns stolen from a burglary at another home in Dorr Township Tuesday.

"We have to assume they are armed," says Allegan Police Chief Rick Hoyer.

The two fugitives walked away from a residential re-entry facility in Baldwin on Saturday. The reason why is a mystery. Parole was pending for both men.

If they are guilty of all the crimes police say they are committing, many more years in prison is probable.

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