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Toolbox for Women

1:02 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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Toolbox 101 for Women

Interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from Hart-Davidson Designs is here to discuss tool box basics for women with an emphasis on what NOT to buy.

Avoid Shrinking & Pinking
• All-inclusive kits that are in pretty pink packages usually lack the quality required to safely and accurately complete projects around the house. I'll show examples of tiny cordless drills and featherweight hammers that won't hold up over time as well as proper alternatives.

Thinking Outside the Box
• A toolbox doesn't have to be a traditional masculine plastic container. As long as the container has sturdy sides and pockets for organization, you're all set. Last year's oversized purse will work (fashionably) fine.

Hang Time
• If you're ready to hang up that great new photo or piece of artwork, make sure you have these basics on hand:
1. OOK hooks for wire-based hanging, screws for heavier items going into a stud, and wall anchors for using in drywall.
2. A great quality measuring tape.
3. A level
4. A hammer that fits your hand

Drilly Goodness
• Cordless drills are handy to have whether you're building a piece of Ikea furniture or hanging a shelf or artwork. I'll show several examples of inexpensive and moderately priced drills along with their design pros and cons for women.

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