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How much prison time could escapees face?

7:24 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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Gregory Allen Bradshaw ( top left) Kenneth Lee Grauman II (top right) Laura Grauman (bottom left) and Brittany Rector (lower right)

ALLEGAN, Mich. (WZZM) - The week-long search for two escaped inmates out of Lake County continues. 

Kenneth Grauman and Greg Bradshaw remain on the run after investigators believe they stole a pick-up truck with rifles inside Thursday afternoon in Kokomo, Indiana.  Authorities believe the men are still with their girlfriends, Brittany Rector and Laura Grauman, who they picked up in Allegan County earlier this week. 

WZZM 13 is looking into what charges they could all face, if and when they're caught. Their escape from the Lake County re-entry program set off a chain of events in several counties and across state lines.

"Once you're out, where are you going to go? So, you're committing other crimes to hide and get away," says Ryan Maesen, a criminal defense attorney.

Maesen says based on statistics, the two escapees, Kenneth Grauman and Greg Bradshaw, will eventually go back to prison.

"The overwhelming majority get caught.  It's not a very successful crime," says Maesen.

The first charge they could face according to Maesen is for breaking out of the correctional facility.

"For that one, it's up to 5 years for each of them, on top of what they're serving currently.  It wouldn't begin until after," says Maesen.

Investigators also believe the two men may have broken into a house in Allegan, which could be a charge of a home invasion.

"5 to 20 years is what I'd give, but it depends on prior record and they have a pretty bad one," says Maesen.

Police believe the suspects may have stolen two handguns from the house, as well as taken rifles from a pick-up truck that was stolen in Indiana.  As convicted felons, it would be illegal for them to carry a gun.

"It's generally a five-year felony," says Maesen.

However, Maesen says if a weapon is used, that would add another two years to the sentence. Police believe the suspects are still with their girlfriends and the family of 17 year-old Brittany Rector says she's being held against her will.

"Kidnapping is the one I'd be most worried about if I was them, that can be a life sentence or any term of years," says Maesen.

If it's true, Maesen says kidnapping across state lines could also bring federal charges.  He says the two men will likely serve time for the crime with the longest sentence.

Maesen says the suspects will face charges in each county where  crime was committed.  He also says if the girlfriends are found to be helping the two men on their escape, the women would face the same charges for any crime in which they were present.

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