One day left to register to vote for Presidential Election

7:48 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS, (WZZM) -- Tuesday October 9th is the last day to register to vote. Head to any city clerk or any Secretary of State's Office and you'll find people rushing to register to vote.

Karla Mysels says, "I wanted to do it today because I know it's getting close to the end of voter registration." 

Tim Klemp just moved to Grand Rapids and found out he'll have to drive back to Wisconsin to vote, but says it's worth it--

"Yeah it's an important thing, it's something you only get to do every four years and there is a good difference between the two candidates and I have a strong opinion about one of them." 

Dan Kasunic, Kentwood's City Clerk, says his office is swamped-- 

Kasunic says, "I've got a lot of people coming in who want to register and who want to apply for an absentee ballot." 

Presidential elections draw more voters. Kasunic says last presidential election 70% of Kentwood voted. Compare that to 50% for a governor's race, 25% for a primary, and 10% for a city election.

Still, he says registration has hiccups. Recently, the governor vetoed the legislatures plan to put the question 'Are you a US citizen?' on the ballot.

Kasunic says, "So now we have to go through all the preprinted forms and strike out where it says are you a us citizen-- what it does is it creates concerns and confusion for voters and clerks alike." 

To vote you won't need ID. But as our passionate voter points out-- it's all about showing up. 

Klemp says, "I have friends who don't vote and I don't allow them to criticize government-- if you can't get out and vote you're not allowed to complain about the state the country is in." 

Your city may have been gone through redistricting-- changing your polling place and your representatives.



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