Cash, gun and meth found in fugitives motel room

7:24 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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  • Booking photo of Greg Bradshaw in Canon City, CO
  • Booking photo of Laura Grauman in Canon City, CO
  • Booking photo of Kenneth Grauman in Canon City, CO
  • Gregory Allen Bradshaw ( top left) Kenneth Lee Grauman II (top right) Laura Grauman (bottom left) and Brittany Rector (lower right)

(WZZM) - Police in Canon City, Colorado are sharing new details about the capture of 4 fugitives on the run for nearly 2 weeks.  

Canon City Police arrested Kenneth Grauman and Gregory Bradshaw at a motel Thursday night. The two women traveling with the men, Brittany Rector and Laura Grauman were captured a short distance away in a stolen vehicle.

This afternoon authorities described what they found in the motel room where the fugitives were staying.  They confiscated a fully loaded  .357 handgun, $2,293 in cash, and an operating meth lab. Ken and Laura Grauman and Greg Bradshaw are being held on numerous charges at the Fremont County Jail.  Brittany Rector was taken to a nearby juvenile detention facility

Grauman and Bradshaw ran away from a parolee re-entry program in Lake County on September 29th. They surfaced in Allegan County two days later where they picked up their girlfriends, 17 year old Brittany Rector, and 29 year old Laura Grauman. The men managed to stay free for nearly two weeks, but now are back behind bars. U.S. Marshals got a tip a few days ago that the fugitives were likely in Colorado. They contacted Canon City Police, organized a search and went from motel to motel to find them.

"Two of the fugitives, the male suspects, were arrested here at the hotel and their two female accomplices were arrested a short distance away in a stolen car which was stolen from the state of Iowa," said Schultz. "A search warrant was executed inside the hotel and upon execution of that search warrant a meth lab was discovered. The investigation is ongoing. We did find a large sum of cash, several weapons, including handguns, and components of a meth lab that was in operation."

"It is a particular method that could be developed pretty quickly. It is very mobile. In fact it is what you see with a lot of users, they use this type of meth lab because it produces very little meth but it can certainly be used for personal consumption and it can be moved quickly," said Sgt. Jeff Worley, Canon City Police Department.

Canon City requested assistance from the Colorado Police Department in dismantling the meth lab in a safe manor. The hotel was evacuated for safety purposes.

Schultz says Grauman and Bradshaw were arrested at the front door of their room without incident. They had only been in the area for a day before the arrest.

"Armed federal fugitives with a meth lab is a very dangerous situation," said the chief. "This was a culmination of some excellent police work by several agencies. At one time we had over twenty police officers here."

Bradshaw and Grauman remain in jail, awaiting extradition to Michigan on felony charges. The 4 are suspected of breaking into homes and stealing at least 3 vehicles during their run. Their girlfriends are facing charges in Colorado.

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