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Reality Star Lauren Conrad's New Books

11:15 AM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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Television star, fashion designer, style icon, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Conrad lifted the curtain on life in Hollywood with her L.A. CANDY series and THE FAME GAME and dished wardrobe advice in LAUREN CONRAD STYLE. Now, she's back with STARSTRUCK the sequel to her #1 bestseller THE FAME GAME and her latest must-have beauty guide, LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY which is laying the foundation for girls and women of all ages to feel their most beautiful.

Reality TV star Madison Parker craves fame. But when she turns herself in for stealing some bling, she realizes the spotlight isn't always flattering. Even worse, her Fame Game costars are getting all of the screen time while she's stuck doing community service. Not that everything's all sunshine and roses for Kate Hayes and Carmen Curtis. Kate, once sweet and innocent, has diva-ified overnight yet struggles with crippling stage fright, and aspiring actress Carmen is starting to make it big but finding it harder to step out from beneath her famous mom's shadow. And the drama is just getting started. When boy trouble and tabloids get thrown into the mix, these stars really get fired up-and everything's caught on camera. Who will come out on top when Madison, Kate, and Carmen get starstruck? Hold on tight as Lauren Conrad pulls you through the dark side of Hollywood, where anything can happen. Lauren's unique insight makes for a fascinating glimpse into the unreality of reality television, and her humor and heart keep the ride enjoyable. Fans of the L.A. CANDY series (which spent 59 weeks on The New York Times Bestseller List) and THE FAME GAME, will love STARSTRUCK.

Like most girls, Lauren Conrad went through a trial and error process developing her sense of beauty. Unlike most girls, hers was with a professional beauty team. Lauren takes readers through everything she's learned in her time both in and out of the salon chair in LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY. Lauren covers everything from hair and skin care, to diet, exercise, and her signature cat eye, as she guides readers in a step-by-step process that both reveals her beauty secrets and encourages fans to develop their own. After all, beauty has more than one face, and LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY is designed to make you the best version of you. Like its companion LAUREN CONRAD STYLE, LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY is a must-have guide. Lauren's fans who pick up LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY to become more like their favorite reality star will instead discover how to become more like themselves.

Courtesy: HarperCollins Publishers

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