Stepfather of fugitive says drugs changed her

11:36 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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Gregory Allen Bradshaw ( top left) Kenneth Lee Grauman II (top right) Laura Grauman (bottom left) and Brittany Rector (lower right)

Canon City, Colo. (WZZM) - After avoiding capture for two weeks, a pair of escaped convicts from Allegan County and their two girlfriends are finally in custody.

Kenneth Grauman, 32, Gregory Bradshaw, 23, Lauralee Grauman, 29, and Brittany Rector,17, were captured late Thursday outside a motel in Canon City, Colorado.

"During a search of their room we found a large sum of cash, several weapons and components of a meth lab that was actually in operation," said Canon City Acting Police Chief Paul Schultz.

The two convicts escaped from a Department Of Corrections facility in Lake County September 29. They were in a program for parolees scheduled for release.

Why they left the facility and why their two girlfriends agreed to accompany them across the country is not known. But Walt Morse, Lauralee Grauman's stepfather, suspects drugs played a big part.

"That stuff messes with your mind," he says, "You do things you wouldn't normally do. It's definitely changed her over the last couple of years. It just alters your thinking so bad.  Suddenly things that should matter don't and things that shouldn't matter do."

Investigators are still sorting out what charges Lauralee Grauman and Brittney Rector may face, and how much will be blamed on the escaped convicts.

During the two weeks the four fugitives were running, several vehicles were stolen, a few houses were burglarized and someone will have to answer for the meth lab. They all could be facing long prison sentences.

But whatever he may think about her choices, Walt Morse says his feelings for his stepdaughter have not changed.

"She's my daughter," he explains. "I love her. I'm glad she is safe and I hope to see her soon."

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