Giving blood platelets to help out Sandy's victims

7:26 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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AP image of man donating blood platelets

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Hurricane Sandy has done more than devastate the East Coast, it's also led to a shortage of blood platelets.

David Gole is one of the people in the Grand Rapids area taking time to give in hope of saving lives.  "This is really going to help out the East," he says.

Gole is an O-negative.  His blood will be sorted out from his platelets and will be given to those in need.

Dr. Lee Ann Weitekamp, medical director for Michigan Blood says the weather caused the hurricane to cancel blood and platelet drives. Plus, medical evacuations put a strain on the hospitals where patients were transferred to.

Platelets are the body's first defense when we get cut.  They cause are blood to clot and stop the bleeding.  They're also very temperamental and can't be moved easily -- all the more reason the east needs your help.

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