Palisades Nuclear Plant shuts down again, adding to concerns

7:04 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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The Palisades Nuclear Plant has been shut down five times in 2012.

COVERT, Mich. (WZZM) - Not long after passing an emergency exercise, the Palisades Nuclear Plant has again been forced to shut down.

Officials discovered a steam leak Sunday, which is the latest in a series of safety issues at the facility.

South Haven Township resident Marian Anderson blames the Palisades Nuclear Plant for a growing wave of concerns along the Lakeshore.

"I hope they shut it down and they should," says Anderson.

"We're too close to the nuclear plant for there to be any safety issues," says one Covert resident.

The steam leak was discovered just days after the plant passed an emergency practice drill with local, state, and federal officials.  The Palisades Plant has shut down five times this year alone, including this latest incident.

"We could not repair it while the plant was in service," says Mark Savage, communications manager with the Palisades Nuclear Plant.

Savage says nuclear safety is the top priority. 

"We are maintaining the plant everyday," he says.  "Our operators make rounds, and this was a great catch by the operator."

"That's terrible," says Anderson about the latest shutdown.  "That just adds to the terrible reputation that they've got."

Savage says the plant will continue to shut down if there are any safety issues discovered in the future.

"People's lives are at stake and when anything could happen really," says Anderson.

Palisades officials say the leak is currently being fixed.  However, they would not give a timetable for putting the plant back into operation.

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