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Super Saver - Protecting your phone or tablet

3:43 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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Woodland Mall

(WZZM) - With the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, many parents will be buying expensive electronics like smart phones, tablets and iPods. It's also a good idea to invest in a cover to keep it from being damaged. 

We went to Genius Phone Repair in Comstock Park to look into the styles and prices of several covers and spoke with co-owner Steve Barnes.  He said there are three different levels of protection and price for smart phones. 

The cheapest usually runs around $20-$25.  "These are basically the lower protection, more style.  It's not going to cover or go over the front of the screen." 

The middle price offers better protection, usually around $30-$40.  "It kind of wraps the screen around the edge, so if it does fall, it hits the protection instead of the screen like it does with the cheaper version," said Barnes. 

The top-of-the-line smart phone cover runs you anywhere from $40 to $60.  These usually come with rubber around all the vital parts plus a screen protector to lessen the chance of a scratch or glass screen breakage.  "Three piece protection and it's really high grade for iPods too, that the kids throw in their book bags.  You can even give it a chuck (throw) and it's usually pretty good."  Without proper protection for your smart phone, you can expect to pay at least $80 for repairs.

Tablets like iPads usually cost $150 and up to repair.  Barnes recommended two types, one costs around $55 and the top of the line is Otter Box and costs $90 but comes with a lifetime warranty.  The key with this one is a hard cover that doubles as a stand while you're using it, so it can be propped up to see better. 


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