Deer season kicks off now for serious hunters

1:06 AM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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WYOMING (WZZM) -- Firearm deer season starts on November 15th, and some West Michigan businesses have already closed up shop to let their employees go hunting.

Around 750,000 hunters live in Michigan, and since November 15th falls on a Thursday, most hunters are taking two days off of work.

One last round in the Silver Bullet Firearms shooting range in Wyoming and Bruce Cameron is ready for real targets.

He's ready, along with 80 or so others he works with at an industrial supply company.

"Our customers still need to be taken care of, but there's a good percentage of people that will be out Thursday and Friday," said Cameron of Wyoming.

But some hunters, who also work in the service industry, are already gone.

Brad Deminck of Spring Lake was hoping to get an electric company to work on his house this weekend.

"I was calling an electrical contractor and everybody had already left for deer camp, so they closed the entire building down, they let all the employees go, they all went up north," he said.

Joe Tucker, a pastor at a Wyoming church, is in charge of giving his employees time off this week.

"I probably got some guys' vacation requests early in the year," he said.

That includes the head pastor himself, who took the entire week off to hunt.

But come Saturday, it's back to work for Tucker and the rest of the church staff.

After all, they have to be back for services.

But does he expect all the parishioners to show up is the question.

"I don't know, the hard-core guys, probably not," he said laughing.

"We understand it's called a national holiday."

That's the thing, a lot of people, including Deminck, will also be in full camo, miles away.

"Our clientele, our customers," said Cameron.

So can Deminck really call a closed business an inconvenience?

"Nope, not at all, I'm going hunting," he said.

"I would probably say it's close to a religion. The gospel according to hunting or something, I don't know," said Tucker.

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