Hostess going out of business

1:12 AM, Nov 17, 2012   |    comments
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COMSTOCK PARK (WZZM) -- News of Hostess closing sent its customers flocking to store shelves across West Michigan.

We talked with people at the Hostess Bakery Outlet in Comstock Park.

Many walked out with bags full of Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Dingdongs, Zingers, and more.

They say these were a staple of their childhood and they want to hold on to that for as long as possible.

There's something about this vanilla cream sponge-cake, that has kept thousands of people loyal to the 82-year-old Twinkie.

"It's flavorful," said Deanna Shepard of Grand Rapids.

So when people in West Michigan found out Hostess was closing, they rushed in to places like the Hostess Bakery Outlet in Comstock Park to grab a piece of history.

"Twelve boxes of Twinkies," said Randy Lafferty of Sparta.

"I was pretty upset, because I think everybody has a Hostess memory from their childhood," said LaChaun Steverson of Walker.

For Steverson, it isn't the Twinkies.

"Zingers, Snowballs, Dingdongs, Honeybuns," she said.

Steverson stocked up on nearly everything Hostess to bring to work.

"For Twinkie Tuesday morning, where everybody's going to bring in their favorite Hostess treat," she said.

Steverson said she spent $34 on snacks and bread.

The price has long been a draw for many families; most Hostess food is cheap.

Cathy Hitchmough was hoping to stock up on Wonder bread, but another customer nearly cleaned out the store.

"It's cheaper, it's less expensive, it's bread," said Hitchmough. "I mean bread is bread, but it's usually a better price."

But those we talked with say it's even more disappointing to know that those who make their favorite childhood snacks are now out of a job, including 381 Hostess employees in Michigan, some of whom work at the Comstock Park outlet and at a Wyoming warehouse.

"It's sad because of all the families it's going to affect," said Lafferty.

"It's very sad in general to hear people losing their jobs and everything, but I think, this is an icon, it will be a sad day," said Steverson.


























We tried reaching out to employees, but they said they were not allowed to talk to the media.

























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