You Stink! Mask Your Scent.

11:22 AM, Nov 18, 2012   |    comments
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Grand Rapids, MI (WZZM) - Hunters take their sport seriously.  With gun season in full swing, hunters are looking for anything that gives them an edge.

If a woodsman wants to remain undetected from wildlife, it's not the clothes that keep you undiscovered.

Deer are colorblind, but their sense of smell is as refined as they come.

Eric Jewell, Sales Associate at Sportsmans Liquidation explains, "You want to play the wind and if, you know, the wind's blowing from a certain direction, you always want to be upwind from them."

Thanks to the relatively new technology of scent masking; through enzymes and nano-silver; odor causing bacteria can be killed on contact with a spray.

These sprays work on a molecular level, killing each chemical compound within the bacteria, one at a time.

Jewell says there are no miracle products but it certainly makes a difference.

There are other products that help the hunter on his or her quest for invisibility.  Such as fragrance free detergent and clothing lined with carbon or charcoal that absorbs scent.

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