New Show at Fire Barn Gallery

12:14 PM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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Grand Haven, MI (WZZM) - The Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven has just kicked off a new art show featuring the paintings and drawings of Mike Coleman.

Tuesday night, patrons gathered for an opening reception.  Viewing a combination of paintings and drawings completed within the last year.  The artist, Coleman, was also on hand to answer questions about his work; mostly inspired by nature.

Mike Coleman said, "You know it's hard to ever be satisfied because what you're looking at is always the amazing thing; your painting becomes something different, becomes a bit of a metaphor."

Friend and fellow artist, Tyler Loftis commented on Coleman's work, too.  Loftis said, "I think that it captures more than just that, it captures his idea of what he's looking at.  He's not just recording the moment but he's also recording his feelings about it, and those are the kind of paintings that excite me.  You know, people that make a painting like it's a photograph, it's like almost a different art.  I respect that and that's good too, but, I like art that also reflects the emotion and the character and thoughts and feelings of the artist."

Mike Coleman's art will be on display now through Saturday, December 1st.

The Fire Barn Gallery is located at 18 North 5th St. in downtown Grand Haven.  The gallery is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12 pm to 6 pm.

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